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Sparks of Phoenix Kitap Alıntıları – Najwa Zebian

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Sparks of Phoenix Kitap Alıntıları


Look down at your pain all the way from sky. Look how small it is.
When I was in the darkness, thank you for teaching me that my own light is all I need.
Some days I win. Some days I lose. But both days, I smile.
You can’t erase what happened to you, but you can choose to put it behind you, under your feet, and rise like the hero you are.
I just want to breathe, and I am gasping for air, but my lungs feel too small. I guess that is what happens when your lungs enter survival mode- They breathe only as much as they need to stay alive.
I can’t remember when I started finding love in myself and stopped waiting to find it in someone else.
They want to know why you’re feeling sad, but when you finally speak, they make you wish that you never spoke.
Your friends will say: I miss you."
You’ll say: "I miss me too."
When they don’t like that you speak the truth, they will try to change your reality. They will create a world where your truth is considered insanity.
You think that time will change them. It won’t. You think that they’ll realize their mistakes with time and run to you for forgiveness. They won’t. They will not. They. Will. Not. Let it sink in.
You seek pain as if it’s going to save you. You dip into sadness as if it’s going to bring you joy. You expect that loving the night will make your days better, and that loving the rain will make the shine brighter. You expect that diving into the ocean will get you to the shore of sanity faster.
Some days I win. Some days I lose. But both days, I smile.

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